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  • 4. Technical Specifications for Online Training

    • For online training you will need to be signed into both Zoom and IMPAC's Learning Management System.

      For the best experience for your online learning, we recommend the following:

      • A web camera and microphone (make sure both are turned on)

      • Headphones

      • A stable and strong internet connection

      • Our public courses are delivered via Zoom. We recommend downloading and installing Zoom prior to your course commencing

      • While other browsers work, we recommend for our system using Chrome or Firefox web browsers for the best experience. (Please note that Internet Explorer and earlier versions of Microsoft Edge are not supported by the system.)

      • We highly recommend your device is running on the latest version of Windows 10, Windows 11 or Mac OS for the best experience. (Please note that earlier versions of Window e.g. Windows 7 may not be compatible with Zoom.)

      • We request you do not use a phone or small tablet to attend this course due to the presentations and activities completed throughout the course.

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